2020 Event Schedule

Texas Armor Association is an R/C TANK CLUB that meets monthly to battle with our Infra-Red Equipped tanks. This is laser tag with R/C TANKS that are scale models of Tanks from WWII to Present.

WE Welcome all R/C tank enthusiasts or those interested in learning about this great hobby!

Our 2020 Schedule of Events: (Some events will be on a Saturday)

  • January 18th, Saturday
  • February 23rd, Sunday
  • March 21st, Saturday
  • April 19th, Sunday
  • May 16th, Saturday
  • June 14th, Sunday
  • July 18th, Saturday
  • August 16th, Sunday
  • September 19th, Saturday (Bomber field B17 gathering)
  • October 18th, Sunday
  • November 21st, Saturday
  • December 13th, Sunday

Our 2019 Schedule of Events:

  • January 19th. Saturday (Cancelled) moved to Sunday 1/20
  • January 20th. Sunday
  • February 17th. Sunday
  • March 16th. Saturday
  • April 14th. Sunday
  • May 18th. Saturday
  • June 23rd. Sunday
  • July 20th. Saturday
  • August 18th. Sunday
  • September 21st Saturday – Bomber fieldĀ B17 / Big bird fly-in
  • October 20th. Sunday
  • November 16th. Saturday
  • December 15th. Sunday

For directions to our battlefield email us at: texasarmor@hotmail.com
Directions to Bomber Field: http://www.bomberfieldusa.com/directions

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